Readers' Services

The Readers’ Services include the Reference and Information, Periodicals, Reserve, Circulation, Filipiniana & Isagani R. Cruz collection, and the Graduate Studies corner. This unit is in charge of the scheduling and monitoring of froshies’ library orientation and electronic resources hands-on training program.

Access to the collection

AEA practices the open shelf system in the Circulation, Filipiniana, Reserve, Graduate Studies, Reference and Periodical sections. IRC collection may be borrowed at the Filipiniana counter.

Library Collection may be accessed through web-based public access catalog (WebPAC) terminals found at the first and second floors of the main building. The WebPAC is also available at the DLSU-D website and AEA homepage.

Rules and Regulations

  1. A validated ID card is necessary for all transactions in the library.
  2. All periodical materials, Reference and Filipiniana Special Collection may be borrowed for photocopying and room use only. Users who wish to photocopy these materials are required to fill up a photocopying slip and are required to leave their IDs together with the book card at the counter.
  3. Undergraduate students are allowed to borrow three (3) books at a time for a period of one (1) week from the Filipiniana and Circulation collection or can borrow Reserved books for overnight use. Reserve books can be borrowed after 2:00 p.m. and should be returned not later than 11:00 a.m. of the following day.
  4. Graduate students are allowed to borrow five (5) books at a time for a period of one (1) week.
  5. Faculty members are allowed to borrow ten (10) books at a time for a period of one (1) month from the Filipiniana and Circulation collection or can borrow Reserved books for a period of one (1) week from the Reserve Section.
  6. Books can be renewed once if they are not needed by other users. Graduate students, faculty members, staff, administrators may renew borrowed books thru telephone call and email.
  7. Library users with overdue books must settle their accounts first before borrowing books or renewing them.
  8. A fine of Php1.00 per hour or Php12.00 a day is imposed for reserved books. Likewise, a fine of Php10.00 a day for student and P1.00 a day for faculty and staff is imposed for books borrowed from Filipiniana, Graduate Studies corner and Circulation sections.
  9. Lost and damaged books should be reported immediately.
  10. Used books should be deposited at the book truck.
  11. Request for referral letters to libraries universities/institutions is issued immediately after the submission of Request Form for Referral Letter at the Reference and Information Section (RIS) counter.
  12. Outside researchers must present their referral letters and pay corresponding research fee to the RIS personnel before the issuance of the Temporary ID Card.
  13. Discussions are discouraged in the reading area. Discussion rooms are available for students' use upon reservation at the RIS.
  14. Culture of Silence must be observed at all times.

Fines and Penalties

  • Php 10.00/day for overdue books from Filipiniana, Circulation and Graduate Studies collection
  • Php 1.00 per hour/Php 12.00 per day for the Reserved books
  • A lost book must be reported immediately and replaced by the borrower. An exact replacement copy of the book is required, plus fifty pesos (Php 50.00) processing cost. In the event that the reported lost book is found, only the usual fine is charged.

Conduct in the Library

  1. All library users are expected to respect the right of each individual to study in a quiet atmosphere.
  2. Cellphones and other forms of electronic communication devices must be put on silent or deactivated mode before entering the library.
  3. All calls must be entertained outside the library.
  4. Smoking, eating, and drinking is not allowed inside the library.
  5. Vandalism such as writing on books and furniture, defacing the library materials, building or equipment is prohibited. Anyone committing any of these acts will be dealt accordingly.
  6. Leaving personal belongings in the library overnight is not allowed. The library assumes no responsibility for any items left unattended.


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