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About the Library
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Communication Channels
On-Line Library Hours
On-Site Library Hours
Library Resources
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How can I check the collection of the library when I am not in the campus?
How do I access the online resources like ebooks and ejournals?
What shall I do if the full-text of an article or eBook is not available?
How can I access back issues of newspapers?
Does the library have downloadable electronic books?
Borrows and Returns
5 Articles
Can I still borrow printed books from the library?
How many books can I borrow from the library?
How can I renew borrowed books?
How do I return the books that I borrowed?
How can I borrow audio-visual resources?
On-Line Services
4 Articles
How can I avail of the scanning services of the library?
Can I request to scan printed book chapters and journal articles available in the physical library?
How can I get assistance with my assignment, research paper, and thesis?
I do not know how to access ebooks and other online resources, where can I get help?
Thesis and Dissertation
6 Articles
Is it possible to request a full-text copy of thesis/dissertation?
Can I access the DLSU-D A.I.R. outside the library?
What are the requirements to obtain the full-text copy of thesis/dissertation?
How can I gain permission from the author of thesis/dissertation?
How can I submit an electronic copy (e-copy) of my thesis/dissertation?
Where can I obtain an e-copy of the Access Permit to Thesis & Dissertation?
Course Syllabi
1 Article
How can I obtain a copy of course syllabi?
On-Site Services
1 Article
Can I physically visit and use the facilities of the library?
Plagiarism Services
1 Article
How can I submit my paper for plagiarism checking in TurnItIn?
Library and Video Tutorials
1 Article
Library Tutorial Videos
APA 7th Edition Style Guide
1 Article
APA 7th Guide
Mendeley Reference Management Tool
1 Article

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