Filipiniana Section

The Filipiniana Section houses printed materials on various subjects about the Philippines or any related topic regardless of author, publisher, and place of publication. It has three types of collection, the Filipiniana-Circulation, Filipiniana-Reference, and Filipiniana Special Collection composed of the following:

  • Isagani R. Cruz (IRC) Collection consists of 7,000 volumes of books and journals on Philippine languages and literature, philosophy, history and general reference. Dr. Isagani R. Cruz is a multi-awarded and prolific poet, playwright, short story writer, critic, educator, publisher and Filipino Advocate. He served as editor, columnist and writer of leading Philippine periodicals such as the Philippine Star, Times Journal, TV Times, Modern Romances, Bulaklak, WHO, Parade, Observer and Panorama.
  • Pil Garcia Collections consists of 95 volumes of books on languages and literature. Dr. Lakadupil “Pil” C. Garcia is a well-known author, educator, debater, poet, actor and a stage director. He had been invited to be a resource person in talk shows aired on local television.
  • Regional Literature composed of short stories, novels, epics, folk and contemporary literature of different Philippine provinces and indigenous groups (e.g. A Voice from Many Rivers : Central Subanen Oral and Written Literature = Su gesalan nu nga Subaanen di melaun tinubigan (2002), Un-Uni Echoes from Ilokandia by Estrellita Valeros-Gruenberg (2000), Haliya : Anthology of Bikol Poets & Poems by Maria Lilia F. Realubit, ed…).


The Filipiniana Section aims to:

  • Support the various curricula and programs of the University by keeping an up-to-date Filipiniana collection.
  • Promote and inculcate love for Philippine arts, culture, history, and other information about the Philippines by organizing library book display and exhibit.
  • Make the library a conducive place for study and research by maintaining orderliness of the section and the collections.


2nd Floor Annex Building
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