Archives and Special Collection

The Archives and Special Collection (ASC) houses the official University records, publications, theses collection (in print and in electronic format) of both graduate and undergraduate students, rare books, memorabilia, preservation copies of Lasalliana collection, published and unpublished works written by faculty members of the University and resources about the United States of America. The unit maintains the De La Salle University-Dasmariñas Access to Institutional Repository (DLSU-D A.I.R.) for preservation and easy access of digitized theses, dissertations and university publications.

  • Official University Records pertain to official records created and received by the University through its different offices/units/departments. These include memos and correspondence, minutes of meeting, reports and the like. These are arranged according to office/ unit/ department that created the record.
  • University Publications include catalogs, brochures, handbooks, manuals, newsletters, journals, annual reports, and campus newspaper that are published by the University.
  • Theses and Dissertations include research projects, undergraduate and graduate thesis defended at the De La Salle University–Dasmariñas. These also include research projects of faculty members of DLSU-D defended in other colleges/universities as requirement for the attainment of their respective degrees.
  • Lasalliana Collection includes books and other materials related to St. John Baptist de La Salle, other Lasallian saints and of the Christian Brothers School.
  • Memorabilia are collection of artifacts, paintings, sculptures and other souvenir items given to the former DLSU System Presidents and to the president of DLSU-D displayed at the AEA-IRC Gallery.
  • Rare Books collection includes books and other materials that are distinguished for its early imprint, historical, limited and rare editions.
  • Faculty Publications include preservation copies of research outputs, textbooks, and other publications written by faculty members of DLSU-D.
  • American Learning Resources (ALRC) include books and other materials about the American people, history, culture and development.


The Archives and Special Collection aims to:

  1. Collect, organize, preserve, and maintain all collections included in this unit.
  2. Make the collections available for researchers to meet the instructional and information needs of the academic community.


2nd Floor (ALRC), 3rd and 4th Floor (ASC) Annex Building
Telephone No.: (02) 779-5180 and (046) 481-1900 to 1930 locals 3170 (ASC) ; 3163 (ALRC)


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