Educational Media Services

The Educational Media Services Section houses and circulates educational media materials and equipment such as video and audio cassette tapes, transparencies, slides, kits, maps, charts, multimedia projector, laptop and cassette recorder. It is equipped with multimedia, overhead, slide and opaque projectors, video cassette players and recorder, computer laptop, television monitor and a wide screen. It is also in charge of scheduling and maintaining the University meeting room, discussion rooms and two (2) viewing rooms with a seating capacity of 89 people.


The Educational Media Services Section aims to provide non-print materials, educational media services, and audiovisual facilities to meet the instructional, informational, and research needs of the academic community.

Guidelines on the Use EMS Viewing Rooms

  1. The viewing rooms are strictly for viewing films (VHS, VCD), power point presentations, and the like. Each viewing room is equipped with VHS/VCD/DVD player and a multimedia projector.
  2. Classes which have viewing activities and power point presentations are given priority over seminars, workshops, symposia and project presentations insofar as reservation of their use are concerned.
  3. Online reservation must be duly accomplished and should be submitted at least 24 hours before the intended schedule. However, approval or status of the reservation shall be confirmed within 24 hours thru e-mail.
  4. Requesting faculty should use the room at the exact time specified in the online reservation.
  5. Faculty members must be present during the viewing. Their attendance shall likewise be checked by the attendance checker.
  6. Each faculty member is allowed to reserve the viewing rooms for a maximum of six (6) sessions or its equivalent - nine (9) hours a month.
  7. The NO EATING, NO DRINKING and NO LITTERING policy inside the viewing rooms should be strictly observed. Moreover, silence and proper conduct must also be observed inside and outside the viewing rooms.
  8. Students are allowed to enter the viewing rooms only during their schedule. Loitering outside the viewing rooms is prohibited before and after the viewing time.
  9. Faculty members and students are accountable for any damage and/or loss of any item or property inside the viewing rooms.
  10. Faculty members who failed to cancel their reservation at least six (6) hours prior to the reserved time shall be given a month suspension on the use of viewing rooms and EMS materials.


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Telephone No.: (02) 779-5180 and (046) 481-1900 to 1930 local 3062


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